Help Prevent Colony Loss with Rapini!

To help prevent colony loss and aid in the health of pollinators, bees need nectar and pollen from a variety of floral sources. These nectar sources, allow bees to forage, provide the essential nutrients that help bees survive, grow and reproduce. By growing your own healthy bee foraging environment, you can give your bees and other native pollinators a natural source of food. Rapini (pictured here) is popular among pollinators and a great source of nectar and pollen.
Rapini (or broccoli rabe) is a green cruciferous vegetable. The edible parts are the leaves, buds, and stems. The buds somewhat resemble broccoli, but do not form a large head. Rapini is a great edible source for bees to forage in, and also makes a delicious addition to your meal! Think about growing rapini in your own garden & be part of the Change!